Foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain

Foot pain and ankle pain, but also knee and lower back pain can be the result of your posture. Have you ever considered how a biomechanical assessment could help uncover the root cause of this?

We take on average 10 000 steps a day – over months and years this can cause pain when our bodies’ are not working at its best. You may have lost some of your initial strength over the years or you may have had an injury at some point. this may have caused you to walk differently for a time. This becomes a habit, even when the pain has gone. These changes increase strain on our bodies and eventually we get pain, sometimes in an entirely different place. It could be the knee or lower back, or the foot or ankle.

You can book a bio-mechanical assessment; this one hour assessment will look at the way you walk (with a slow motion camera) and a check for muscle function and your joint range of motion of the entire lower limbs including your hips and pelvis, feet and ankles! The pictures below show some of the areas that may be painful and some of the most common imbalances in the body. Here at Lewisham Foot Health we take your pain seriously! Whether it is foot pain, knee or lower back pain.

Lewisham Foot Health will then issue you with a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

You will need a pair of shorts and a T- shirt for this assessment!


foot pain lewisham
foot pain lewisham

To find out how a biomechanical assessment can help you.

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