Corns & Calluses

corn treatmentCorns and calluses can be very painful and can be mistaken for verrucas. Corns and calluses can be caused by increased pressure and friction on certain parts of the foot. But they can also be caused by footwear, your skin type, your foot type or lifestyle.

Treatment involves reduction with a scalpel: sharp debridement, and is pain free. Most patients get instant relief of pain and discomfort and don’t know why they didn’t consult with us before.

During your consultation, you may also be assessed for your foot posture and function, and be given advice on general foot care. It is always useful to see the shoes that you wear most of the time as these maybe causing the problem.

In some cases with frequently occurring painful corns, we may suggest that you get orthotics/arch supports to reduce the reoccurrence and improve function.


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