Foot & Ankle Manipulation

foot mobilisation techniquesPain and reduced function of the feet and ankles can be caused by many factors. Often the joints are not working properly or the muscles aren’t working properly. You then get pain in our feet or ankles. Or, you have a sport or exercise injury that just isn’t getting better: this can be caused by one or several of the small joints in your foot being out of alignment. Mobilisation is a technique to get your bones back into alignment and improve the range of motion of your foot and ankle. This function is improved by gentle mobilisation and traction of the foot and ankle.

Foot manipulation is similar to mobilisation except these movements are a little faster and are used to improve your joints range of motion. Sometimes you will get a mix of mobilisation and manipulation if this is what you will get the best results from.

Sometimes the foot can be a little tender after the treatment for a day or two before it gets better. Often the results are immediate or sometimes can take a few days to start to be appreciated.