Gait Analysis + Biomechanical Assessment

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Many overuse injuries, pains aches and sports injuries are caused by the way that we move. The average person walks between 3-4000 steps a day and if each of those steps are a little bit out, this may eventually cause pain and injury. Our alignment during our daily activities and sports has a great impact on how forces are distributed through our bodies, and gait analysis analyse these.

Gait analysis looks in detail at movements that are too fast to be seen by the human eye. Your movements are captured and played in slow motion so that we can show how these forces are impacting you. Your motions will be captured in 3D: from the back, the side and from the front.

Gait analysis also applies to running, and your running gait can be analysed if you are getting pain when running. You may have gotten an injury from running and we would then look at the way you walk and run. In addition your foot and lower limb function can be the cause a sports injury.

You will need to bring shorts or leggings (above the knee) and  t-shirt to the consultation.

Biomechanical assessment

A biomechanical assessment is an orthopaedic assessment that assesses the function of your foot, ankle, knee and hip. You will be examined weight bearing and non weight bearing.  You will get checked for alignment and range of motion of your joints and muscles. You need to have a biomechanical assessment if you want to have custom orthotics.

When you have a biomechanical assessment you will get an exercise programme tailored to suit you. To reduce pain, improve function and get you back to enjoying your favourite activities.