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Ankle Injury Diagnosis and Treatment

Ankle Injury, Diagnosis and Treatment

During the examination the podiatrist will examine your foot, ankle and lower leg. The Podiatrist will touch the areas that are most sensitive to find what structures are injured. The podiatrist will also move your foot and ankle in different positions to find out movement deficits and where pain is coming from.

If the pain is severe we may offer you an ultrasound scan in the clinic.

  • An Ultrasound uses sound waves to create real time images. These images can show how badly you have injured your ligaments and if you have fractured your ankle or foot.



Treating your injured ankle depends on the severity of the injury. Treatment is aimed at

  • Reducing swelling
  • Improving Range of Motion
  • Improving tissue healing
  • Addressing strength, balance and movement deficits


Treatments can be:

  • Foot and ankle mobilisation
  • Stretches and strengthening exercises
  • Shockwave treatment for tissue healing
  • Splints – Braces – Ankle supports


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