Foot wear

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Foot wear is important for pain free walking and running.

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Childrens flat feet

flat feet in children

Flat feet in children. Arch supports improve foot function.

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Foot pain treatment

Foot pain treatment Treating foot pain is tailored to the type of pain and where in the foot or ankle the pain is. At Lewisham Foot Health we will diagnose the foot structure that is painful and the cause of your pain. You will be asked a full history of the pain, when the pain […]

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Foot pain

Lewisham Foot Health are now offering custom made orthotics: An orthotic/insole/arch support is a device made to fit in your shoe. It is a support device that changes your pressure distribution under your foot, to improve foot function. Orthotics can also change your joint alignment and speed up/slow down various parts of your walking or […]

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Verrucas can be both painful and unsightly. They are caused by the HPV or human papiloma virus and can be very resistant to over the counter treatments. Despite what you may have been told by your GP, some verrucas can survive for years, causing pain and be unsightly. There are various treatments for verrucas. Some […]

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leg pain

In most cases leg pain is caused by overuse, too much sport with not enough rest, exercising the wrong way or poor biomechanics. ‘Poor biomechanics’ means your body is not moving in the best possible way. This can be brought about by a previous sports injury , a traumatic incident , or long term decline […]

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Forefoot pain

foot pain lewisham

Forefoot pain Forefoot pain can be very painful and impact on your enjoyment of your activities. Most forefoot pain happens when you are weight bearing, standing up or walking/running. Even so, sometimes the pain can come on when you are sitting or lying in bed.  It can start as a result of an injury or can come on […]

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foot mobilisation

Many foot problems are due to joint restrictions. Lewisham Foot Health are now offering foot mobilisation to free up your foot and ankle joints. Poor foot mechanics can reduce your foot joints range of motion cause stiffness and eventually pain. Whether you have a low arch or a high arched foot, you may have joint […]

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Knee pain and flat feet

Knee pain and flat feet, a study to explore an association! Association of flat feet with knee pain and cartilage damage in older adults. Gross KD1, Felson DT, Niu J, Hunter DJ, Guermazi A, Roemer FW, Dufour AB, Gensure RH, Hannan MT. Author information Abstract OBJECTIVE: To assess the cross-sectional relation of planus foot morphology to ipsilateral knee pain and compartment-specific knee […]

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Low back pain and arch supports – recent study

The effect of custom-made foot orthoses in subjects with excessive foot pronation and low back pain: a randomized, double-blinded, clinical trial. Castro-Méndez A1, Munuera PV, Albornoz-Cabello M. STUDY DESIGN: randomized, double-blinded, clinical trial. BACKGROUND: Low back pain is one of the commonest disorders affecting the back. The literature reflects how over time excessive pronation of […]

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Sports Medicine

knee injury podiatrist check up

Sports medicine for treating injuries of the lower limbs. This includes preventing re-injury and rehabilitating your lower limb injury. Sports injuries can be caused by many different factors. Peter Gauntlett MChS HCPC reg. Podiatrist will aim to find the factors involved in your sport injury and treat and rehabilitate your lower limb back to full […]

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Foot problem

running injury lewisham

Foot problem are very common and affect up to 75% of the population during their lifetime. As we walk on average 110,000 miles throughout our lives its not suprising that 3 in 4 adults will require some type of foot care. Some problems are inherited, some are acquired through injury or develop as a result […]

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