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Foot Care Hot Climates

How to look after your feet in hot and dry climates

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Stress Fractures of the Foot and Ankle

Foot or Ankle Pain   Forefoot pain can be a stress fracture of the bone. A stress fracture is a small crack or severe bone bruise in the foot or ankle. Stress fractures, unlike an acute fracture, is brought on by overuse. The bones in the body are constantly being replenished with bone stock, but…

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Ankle Sprains Can Become Chronic

Ankle Sprains Ankle Sprains are very common. They occur when you roll, twist or turn the ankle in an awkward way. This might lead to a tear or stretch the soft tissue bands that hold the foot and ankle bones together. These soft tissue bands are ligaments and they help stabilise the foot and ankle.…

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Ankle Injury Diagnosis and Treatment

Ankle Injury, Diagnosis and Treatment During the examination the podiatrist will examine your foot, ankle and lower leg. The Podiatrist will touch the areas that are most sensitive to find what structures are injured. The podiatrist will also move your foot and ankle in different positions to find out movement deficits and where pain is…

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Knee Pain

Knee Pain  There are many causes of knee pain and one of the most common is patellar tendinopathy ‘runners knee’ or ‘jumpers knee’. More men than women are affected and its most common in athletes, runners and people involved in high impact sports where jumping and changing direction occurs frequently. ‘Jumpers knee’ is most frequent…

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Big Toe Pain

Big Toe Pain   Pain in the big toe can be many things. However, a very frequent cause of big toe pain is a restriction of upward motion of the first toe joint in walking. Your big toe joint will feel sore in shoes, sometimes without shoes and mostly painful when you are walking or…

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Heel Pain in Children

Heel Pain in Children   Children between the age of 8 and 12 years old years old are vulnerable to heel pain. The pain is located at the back of the heel bone and is called Severs disease. This is by and large a self-limiting swelling of the growth plate of the heel bone. The…

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School Shoes For The Kids

Getting the right shoes for your child     Shoes are possibly the most important ‘clothing’ you buy for your child. A child can wear clothes that are too small or large, be uncomfortable but not get long term problems from them. However not wearing the right shoes can cause long term and even permanent…

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Forefoot Pain

Forefoot Pain   Can be pain in the toes, the toe joints or as a result of the nail units impinging on the sulcus of the toes. This are of pain can also be pain in the ball of the foot and is then called metatarsalgia. The pain can be aching, stabbing, electric ‘like’, radiating,…

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Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Pain

Plantar fasciitis or Heel pain     Plantar fasciitis is a very common problem. So common in fact that many patient come in saying they know one or more people who have the same problem! Many patients decide to self-treat for six months to a year sometimes before seeking professional help. These self-treatments are often…

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Leg Pain – exercise induced leg pain

Leg pain Exercise induced leg pain is usually what we call ‘shin splints’ or medial tibial stress syndrome. Other types of leg pain can be chronic compartment syndrome and calf muscle tears. Shin splints accounts for more than 70% of leg injuries in runners in particular. The usual symptoms are Pain that starts when you…

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Shockwave Treatment for Foot and Ankle Pain

Shockwave Treatment   Shockwave treatment has been used in continental Europe for several decades. International studies have shown more than 80% success rates in chronic pain patients. It’s only in the last few years that this treatment has become recognised in the UK. Most premier league football clubs for example have access to shockwave treatment.…

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Nutrition for Health

Nutrition for Health Eating healthy is the most important factor in maintaining good health. Eating the right foods, nutrition for health, can be challenging with todays fast paced life style and with all the choices we have. Depending on what you are trying to achieve: good health, weight reduction, increase muscle mass or eating for…

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Chiropody Podiatry Blog

Foot wear is important for pain free walking and running.

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Childrens Flat Feet

flat feet in children

Flat feet in children. Arch supports improve foot function.

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Foot pain treatment

Foot pain treatment Treating foot pain is tailored to the type of pain and where in the foot or ankle the pain is. At Lewisham Foot Health we will diagnose the foot structure that is painful and the cause of your pain. You will be asked a full history of the pain, when the pain…

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Foot Injury treated with orthotics

Lewisham Foot Health An orthotic, insole, or arch support is a device made to fit your foot. The orthotic goes into your shoe. It is a support device that changes your pressure distribution under your foot, to improve foot function. Orthotics can also change your foot and ankle alignment and speed up or slow down…

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Verruca treatments

Verrucas Verrucas can be painful irritating and unsightly. Patients usually come to the clinic as a result of pain, cosmetic disturbance or embarrassment. Verrucas are caused by the Human Papiloma Virus. They can spread by direct contact or through shared towels or walking barefoot in changing rooms and swimming pools. People generally only get verrucas…

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leg pain

In most cases leg pain is caused by overuse, too much sport with not enough rest, exercising the wrong way or poor biomechanics. ‘Poor biomechanics’ means your body is not moving in the best possible way. This can be brought about by a previous sports injury , a traumatic incident , or long term decline…

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Forefoot pain

foot pain lewisham

Forefoot pain Forefoot pain can be very painful and impact on your enjoyment of your activities. Most forefoot pain happens when you are weight bearing, standing up or walking/running. Even so, sometimes the pain can come on when you are sitting or lying in bed.  It can start as a result of an injury or can come on…

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foot mobilisation

Many foot and ankle problems are due to joint restrictions. Lewisham Foot Health offer foot mobilisation to free up your foot and ankle joints. Poor foot and ankle mechanics can reduce your foot joints range of motion causing poor movement patterns. Foot and ankle injuries creates scar tissue with a reduced range of motion if…

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Knee pain and flat feet

Knee pain and flat feet, a study to explore an association! Association of flat feet with knee pain and cartilage damage in older adults. Gross KD1, Felson DT, Niu J, Hunter DJ, Guermazi A, Roemer FW, Dufour AB, Gensure RH, Hannan MT. Author information Abstract OBJECTIVE: To assess the cross-sectional relation of planus foot morphology to ipsilateral knee pain and compartment-specific knee…

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Sports Medicine

knee injury podiatrist check up

Sports Medicine Sports medicine for treating injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limbs. With Sports medicine we aim to get you back to your pre injury state, or prevent injury in the first place. Prevention is of course better than the cure, but at Lewisham Foot Health we will provide a treatment program to…

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Foot problem

running injury lewisham

Foot problem are very common and affect up to 75% of the population during their lifetime. As we walk on average 110,000 miles throughout our lives its not suprising that 3 in 4 adults will require some type of foot care. Some problems are inherited, some are acquired through injury or develop as a result…

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  • customer review lewisham foot health

    Best service

    I am suffering from osteoarthritis in my left hip after a big trauma in my early 20’s. For the last 5 years I have…

    Mrs. C (Forest Hill)
  • customer review lewisham foot health

    Outstanding, professional, friendly service!

    I can highly recommend Peter´s services. His knowledge of my issues as a person with diabetes was exemplary and he is exceptionally thorough in his…

    Mrs. S (Bellingham)
  • customer review lewisham foot health

    Quick appointment for a home visit

    I live at Blackheath and I was very happy to have a quick appointment for a home visit. I am very satisfied by the…

  • customer review lewisham foot health

    Walking pain free, in better footwear

    I have been seeing Peter for the past year, having had pain in my feet when walking. I now find myself walking pain free,…

    Mr. DC (Catford)
  • customer review lewisham foot health

    Better advice and treatment

    Peter at lewisham Foot Health has been marvelous since I rang him desperate to find someone to treat my feet. I was even more…

    Elaine (Catford)
  • customer review lewisham foot health

    My ingrown toenails were so painful,it was difficult to find shoes, and I couldn’t wear sandals.I was very embarrassed how my toenails looked! Now…

    Rita, (Catford)
  • customer review lewisham foot health

    ‘I am very pleased with my needling treatment. I had been struggling with a pretty large verruca on my left foot for seven months….

    Maria (Balham)
  • customer review lewisham foot health

    ‘I had a verruca on the sole of my foot which had proved extremely difficult to shift. For over two years I had tried…

    Verruca on Foot
  • After two half marathons, I got serious pain in one foot when I tried to run, which subsequently got worse until it hurt even…

    Plantar Fasciitis
  • ‘I was in a lot of pain with my ankle when I was fortunate through the internet to book an appointment with Peter Gauntlett…

    Foot and Ankle Injury
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