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Foot Injury treated with orthotics

Lewisham Foot Health

An orthotic, insole, or arch support is a device made to fit your foot. The orthotic goes into your shoe. It is a support device that changes your pressure distribution under your foot, to improve foot function. Orthotics can also change your joint alignment and speed up or slow down various parts of your walking or running cycle. An orthotic support is usually made of a polypropylene type material, a very durable material that lasts many years. They can also be made of carbon fibre, but also more compressible materials. Choosing the right material depends on what sort of use the orthotic is for and the type of foot in question. The orthotic is custom made right down to the type of top cover.

An orthotic can support your foot to improve both comfort and function in your everyday life. It may surprise you to learn that the way your foot and ankle works translates all the way up your body to affect your back ! Changing your foot and ankle can therefore improve your quality of life in many ways. Going for walks without the discomfort you used to have, feeling less tired and simply not being in pain. Playing  your favourite sport without having to stop because your ankle hurts for example.
Most people seen for evaluation for orthotics have pain in the foot, ankle, knee, hip and sometimes the lower back. They may also have issues with their posture or the way they walk or run.  Sometimes the issue has been on going for years, sometimes only a few weeks or months. Orthotics are suited to all ages, enquire with your Podiatrist for more information.

After careful assessment of your bodies’ movement pattern and range of motion of your joints and muscles, a custom mould of your foot is taken and sent to the orthotics lab for accurate evaluation. An arch support is then made to tailor your personal needs. Although an orthotic is made to fit you, your body may take up to three or four weeks to adjust to them.

A fitting appointment is booked when the orthotics are back from the lab.

A six week review is normally booked at this point.

In addition to getting a long lasting pair of orthotics, you will get a tailored exercise program to improve the movement and function of your body.

Please make your enquiries with the Podiatrist at Lewisham Foot Health

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arch support for foot pain
arch support for foot pain

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