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leg pain

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Shin splints
In most cases leg pain is caused by overuse, too much sport with not enough rest, exercising the wrong way or poor biomechanics. ‘Poor biomechanics’ means your body is not moving in the best possible way. This can be brought about by a previous sports injury , a traumatic incident , or long term decline in posture leading to weakness and joint and muscle restrictions. Some people are also hypermobile, meaning their ligaments are softer than normal. This can cause the foot and ankle to move more than average causing bending moments of the leg, leading to inflammation and pain along the medial (inside) of your shin bone. Normally you will be feel a dull ache along the inside of your leg, especially when you are active.

Pain in the leg, leg pain, can be brought on by a reduced blood flow to the leg, and is termed ‘ischemic pain’. This is a much rarer condition. Pain is brought on by the cells needing oxygen that is in short supply. This is most often the case in elderly and heavy smokers. Very rarely you may have a faulty blood vessel most commonly at the back of the knee. You may need a scan at the hospital for this type leg pain.

At Lewisham Foot Health we will assess your posture and function, and diagnose the type of leg pain that you have. We will look at your current training and activity level, and give you an exercise programme to get your foot ankle, hips and legs working in an optimal way thereby reducing exercise induced leg pain. Please inquire for more information on getting a biomechanical assessment so you can stay on your feet without pain.

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