Exercise Prescription

Exercise prescription

When your muscles become weaker during exercise your movements become less coordinated and you are more likely to get injured. Have you started exercising again and found that you are getting aches and pains in many different places maybe? Have you been exercising for a long time and hit ‘the ceiling’? You want to improve your running ?But you don’t know how? We may be able to help you.

exercise prescription improving running

Your Exercise prescription will target the weakest points in your body and makes these either stronger or more flexible or both. This allows your body to start moving in a more coordinated and smoother fashion reducing fatigue. Reducing the load on your body so you can get better quicker. We might offer you suggestions on walking or running re education  to target those excess or restricted movements that are reducing your bodies ability to tolerate load and stress. If it is an injury we are treating, we will decide on how to go about healing your injury after you have had a walking or running assessment. This is gait analysis, and is an analysis of your walking or running motion. You may be offered shock wave therapy to help with your rehabilition. 

Exercice amount

The number of exercises or stretches depends on where in the injury process you are, what your current fitness levels are and how motivated you are. Equally how much time you have to do them.  We appreciate that finding the time can be difficult! However the more you stay with the exercise program the faster you will get better. Some stretches need to be done every day to get better and some strenghtening exercises shouldn’t be done more than three times a week.

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