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foot mobilisation

Many foot and ankle problems are due to joint restrictions. Lewisham Foot Health offer foot mobilisation to free up your foot and ankle joints. Poor foot and ankle mechanics can reduce your foot joints range of motion causing poor movement patterns. Foot and ankle injuries creates scar tissue with a reduced range of motion if not rehabilitated properly. Whether you have a low arch or a high arched foot, you may have joint restrictions.

Lewisham Foot Health will assess and treat your foot and ankle injury with foot mobilisation. It may be that you had an injury many years ago and have noticed that your foot and ankle is getting stiffer and is aching or not functioning the way it used to. Most often these problems can be the result of an ankle sprain, faulty foot mechanics or other injury.

You may be in a job that requires you to stand all day. Or you may be an athlete that trains hard.  This puts a lot of pressure on the joints of the foot and its associated structures. Foot mobilisation is a series of either gentle traction and joint specific movements, or fast chiropractic type actions. They do not hurt. Occasionally there can be some tenderness to the areas until this settles down. This can take a day or two. You may be offered specific foot and ankle exercises to restore foot and ankle strength. This is to improve foot posture and function.

Foot mobilisation is used to treat forefoot pain, heel pain, mid foot and ankle pain. In some cases knee pain can be treated through improving function of the foot and ankle. Some foot problems can be treated straight away.  Other problems will need a biomechanical assessment. A biomechanical assessment is an hour assessment that includes a gait analysis.

Most patients find foot mobilisation both relaxing but also surprising when they find their feet work better straight away.

foot mobilisation techniques

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