Foot leg Ankle Pain

foot leg ankle pain

Before any treatment you will have a thorough examination.
This may include a postural assessment or video gait analysis.

Arch Supports

These are moulded inserts that go into your shoe to support your foot. These devices last many years are comfortable and support your feet in the right way. They can be made from carbon fibre, polypropylene or softer materials depending on their usage.

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy or ESWT

Shock wave therapy uses a special device that produces shock waves. ESWT means outside the body. The shock waves are produced in a special device and transferred through the skin and into the tissue below. Damaged tissue is broken up and restored and healthy tissue allows the waves to travel through without damage.

In most cases you will be offered three treatments and a review appointment at six to twelve weeks.

Foot mobilisation and foot manipulation

Moving and mobilising the foot and ankle improves your foot and ankles performance and reduces pain. You may have one treatment or a course of treatments over six to twelve weeks depending on your foot and ankle problem. You may be issued with foot and ankle exercises to strengthen your foot to maintain a better foot posture.

Exercise prescription

Strengthening or stretching exercises can help to stabilise and get your feet working properly. You may get a couple of exercises to do or several more. Most patients like doing these exercises as they experience the benefit quite soon. Find out more on exercise prescription here.

Gait re- education

Gait re education has shown to be retainable over longer periods of time, especially as long as you keep practicing for the first few weeks.

Foot and ankle taping

We use either a stiff tape or a flexible sports tape; this does depend on your foot and ankle problem. Taping the foot can both reduce pain and or show us that an arch support/orthotic would be of benefit to you.

Sports tape can both reduce pain and swelling and bring to your attention your injury.

Ankle supports

Ankle supports come in various shapes and sizes depending on your foot or ankle problem.

Steroid Injection therapy

Coming soon.