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Foot Manipulation

foot mobilisation techniquesFoot Manipulation

Foot pain can be very disabling. You may have had to stop running or even walking very far. Many people have had reduced function and pain for a few weeks, months or even years sometimes before they decide to do something about it.

You may have had an ankle sprain recently or even years ago leading to pain and a foot with poor movement and functional patterns. It could have been those shoes you wore all those years ago, or perhaps you’ve simply increased your running mileage and your getting pain back in an old injury.

Through muscle and soft tissue inhibition the body still thinks its in the process of repair and injury.  Scar tissue has a reduced quality and range of motion.  Our bodies restructuring of the connective tissue can lead to poorly functioning foot and ankle movements leading to pain. Mobilisations and gentle manipulations can restore foot and ankle function through re programming of inhibition and motor control, but also realign structures and improve tissue quality and your bodies’ sense of itself.

In more acute injuries assessment of your foot and ankle function as well as your soft and osseous tissue function and status is important. You may will be given rehabilitation with hands on mobilisation as well as a treatment program to get you back to your favourite activities as soon as possible.

Improved foot and ankle function

Foot function is improved by gentle foot mobilisations. Your joints and tendons are taken gently through their range of motion to re-teach the nervous system that these movements are safe. Stimulation of soft tissue increases pliability, reduces sensitivity and increase range of motion. These changes occur on a microbiological level but also though neuromuscular reprogramming.  Neuromuscular control and sense of where the foot is (proprioception) is improved.You will  often be given home exercises to add to the treatments as well as foot wear advice so that your treatments are as effective as possible.

Foot manipulation is similar to mobilisation except these movements are a little faster but are also used to improve your joints quality and range of motion. There may be a  popping or cracking sound as you get a manipulation. This is called cavitation as gas bubbles in the joint are formed and burst. The pressure inside the joints will reduce after a manipulation manouver allowing better movement of the joints.

Occasional foot and ankle tenderness may occur after a treatment and is completely normal. This is just the tissues healing. You may only need only one treatment with a follow up, but often a course of 2-4 treatments over four to six weeks will show the best results.

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