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Foot pain treatment

Foot pain treatment

Treating foot pain is tailored to the type of pain and where in the foot or ankle the pain is. At Lewisham Foot Health we will diagnose the foot structure that is painful and the cause of your pain. You will be asked a full history of the pain, when the pain comes on, for how long have you had pain, when the structure gets painful, when is it at its worst. What type of pain is it and when is it slightly better. You will be asked about any medication and other relevant medical history.


Causes of Foot Pain

Foot pain can be can be caused by many factors: In some cases it is due to ‘wear and tear’. As we get older, we may get heavier and a little weaker. Our posture may start to worsen. This can cause undue stress on the joints, tendons and muscles. When you try to improve your posture it simply makes the pain worse. At Lewisham Foot Health we specialize in making adjustments to your posture so you can get back to the exercises you once enjoyed.

Sometimes foot and ankle pain comes from repetitive strain, for example working long hours on your feet. Other times pain can be due to an uneven training load. At Lewisham Foot Health we look at not only assessing your foot and ankle, but your entire body. We will assess how you walk, and how your feet, knee and hips work together. The range and quality of motion will be checked from your foot and ankle to your knee and hips. The painful structures will be assessed as well as the surrounding support structures for strength and movement. This will give us the right information on your strengths and weaknesses and allow us to work toward an effective treatment plan.

Treatment Plan

The treatment plan will look at your your foot posture, your body posture, your current strength and flexibility as well as your foot wear. The treatment plan will include strength and movement work, we may give you orthotics, and foot mobilisation to reduce pain and improve function. The exercise plan is included with your biomechanical assessment if you choose to book one of these.

Finding the physiological cause of your pain is the aim of your consultation. Once this has been identified we will put together a treatment plan: that suits you and that you can enjoy.

Lewisham Foot Health uses a combination of strengthening exercises, stretches, taping, foot mobilisation, myofascial release, gait modification, arch supports and change in foot wear as our tools to reduce pain and improve foot function.


Taping for foot pain

Specialised tape can help to redistribute pressure and provide support to help with your recovery.

Plantar fasciitis
Taping for foot pain

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