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Foot problem

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Foot problem are very common and affect up to 75% of the population during their lifetime.

As we walk on average 110,000 miles throughout our lives its not suprising that 3 in 4 adults will require some type of foot care.

Some problems are inherited, some are acquired through injury or develop as a result of illness in middle age and others from pressure in footwear.

Poor foot posture can over time break down the cartilage in the joints and cause a foot problem. osteoarthritis and pain is the result. The joints wear down unevenly and get stiff and painful. Swelling sometimes occurs, but in most cases not. The foot and ankle are remarkable structures when you think how much weight they take each day. However sometimes they need to be assessed and treated by a Podiatrist. This is what we do at Lewisham Foot Health. We check your feet and ankles for posture and function. Not just that, we check your knee and hip function as these are also part of the kinetic chain.

We often find that for example knee pain can be directly related to how the foot and ankle works, and vice versa we find that hip function affects knee and foot function. For this reason we undertake a full lower limb assessment in some cases. We will discuss this at your first consultation.

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