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Foot wear

What you wear on your feet every day can in some cases be the main reason to your foot problems. Poor foot wear, shoes that are too narrow, unsupportive, shallow, or otherwise ill fitting shoes can give you corns and calluses on your feet, cause your nails to split and thicken or even become ingrown. Wearing shoes that have an adjustable strap or lace,  foot wear that is supportive at the heel counter and through the sole of the shoe is important. A deep enough toe box so your toes have enough space is also a point to consider as often toe problems can be attributed to a narrow or shallow toe box.

Choosing the right foot wear is dependent on your foot shape, your foot size, and your foot type. Wearing the right type of foot wear can improve your foot function, reduce foot pain and make your walks or runs comfortable and pain free.

Shoes for sport and especially running can be very personalized to your particular needs. Getting the right sport shoe can help you achieve your goals without injury. Whether it is a barefoot running technique your aspiring toward, or the more traditional running style we can help you choose the right foot wear. Bear in mind that running shoes have been built with particular performance and with particular foot types in mind.

Heel to toe drop, thickness of the insole, a neutral shoe, the material type of the sole, the quality and properties of the upper and sole all play a part in how your shoes will affect your foot and lower limb function.

Some shoes have been made for running on roads, some have been made for running on trails and forest and fell.

Some running shoes can reduce stresses and strains of particular body segments and increase them in others. This means that if you have pain during running or sport, changing your foot wear can reduce strains in certain areas. Choosing the right shoes or trainers is part of what we do at Lewisham Foot Health.

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Choosing the right foot wear


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