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Forefoot pain

foot pain lewisham

Forefoot pain

Forefoot pain can be very painful and impact on your enjoyment of your activities. Most forefoot pain happens when you are weight bearing, standing up or walking/running. Even so, sometimes the pain can come on when you are sitting or lying in bed.  It can start as a result of an injury or can come on with an insidious onset due to a number of different issues:

The pain can be coming from the tendons, the muscle, nerve or the bone or a combination of all four.
Poor foot wear, foot type or foot mechanics, tight or restricted foot and ankle movement, poor training methods, increase or a sudden change in training methods. There can also be calluses or verrucas under your foot that cause pain. Sometimes a nerve can swell in the foot and cause irritation, called a Morton’s neuroma. The toes can be out of place creating too much pressure under the foot, or the padding under your foot can become displaced or reduced with age. Forefoot pain can also be the result of a fracture. This can be a stress fracture from over training; or if you have just started training; or you have changed your training methods.

We will assess, diagnose and treat your forefoot pain at Lewisham Foot Health and provide you with a treatment plan. This might involve foot mobilisation, foot exercises, taping, orthotics, change of foot wear or change of activity levels. We may even give you a cast walker if you have a fracture. We aim to reduce your foot pain so you can get back to the activities you enjoy, whether its walking in the park or playing football.

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forefoot pain can ruin your running sessions

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