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Gait, Posture & Musculoskeletal Assessment

Gait and posture assessment for lower limb pain.

Whether the foot, ankle, knee or lower back is painful, the pain can be caused by an overuse or traumatic injury. This means the pain may have come on over years of misuse of the body; prolonged sitting, poor strength and conditioning and many other factors. The injury could have also been caused by a single traumatic incident, such as an ankle sprain, a fracture, a fall or a single sporting or activity related occurrence.

The body may start compensating by changing movement patterns. This can lead to pain and poor function elsewhere.

A biomechanical assessment is an appointment where we look at the way your body moves. Half of the assessment is a video gait assessment; the other half is a musculoskeletal assessment. Slow motion gait can show us abnormal movements that are too fast for the human eye to see.

The second part of the assessment is the musculoskeletal assessment. Here we look at the range and quality of motion of the joints from the hips to the feet. The podiatrist may make use of muscle strength testing and or a neurological examination to glean further information. Touch palpation is used to find areas of injury.

We will then form a treatment program to improve your bodies’ movement and heal the injury. This may involve stretches and strengthening exercises. The podiatrist may also suggest a medical grade foot support to go in your shoes and will talk to you about the available treatment options.


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