Ingrown Nails

Ingrown Nails

painful ingrown nail
ingrown nail

Sometimes our nails can become ingrown. These can become very painful and cause a lot of distress. The pain can be overwhelming and unrelenting. The toes contain many nerve endings and this is the reason they can get so sore.

Frequent reasons for getting an ingrown nail

  • Cutting your nail wrong; bathroom surgery
  • Not using scissors but picking your nails
  • Poor foot wear; Narrow shoes, shoes without laces
  • Increased pronation or turning in of your foot and ankle causing the corner of your toe to get pinched against the nail
  • Sweaty feet – causing the skin to get fragile – in combination with picking your nails

At Lewisham Foot Health Foot, the Foot Ankle Clinic we treat your ingrown nails in the least painful way. You will get a local anaesthetic into the toe.  This way you will have no pain when a minor nail reduction is performed. Your toe will get a proper dressing to protect it afterwards.

Depending on the presentation of your toe nail, we might decide that nail surgery is the best option. Often this is the best line of treatment. This is where a chemical is applied to the side of the nail to stop the nail from becoming ingrown again. This is called nail surgery. The chemical prevents the nail regrowth at the site and is very successful in solving your ingrown nail for good. The toe is very rarely sore after the appointment and you will have relief from your ingrown nail pain. Once you get a redressing appointment and you’ve been seen by the Podiatrist you can bathe your foot in a salt bath after a shower. A simple dressing might be needed for a little while longer.

Please enquire with us if you have more questions and we are happy to discuss with you what your next step should be.