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Leg Pain – exercise induced leg pain

Leg pain

exercise prescription
leg pain while running

Exercise induced leg pain is usually what we call ‘shin splints’ or medial tibial stress syndrome. Other types of leg pain can be chronic compartment syndrome and calf muscle tears.

Shin splints accounts for more than 70% of leg injuries in runners in particular. The usual symptoms are

  • Pain that starts when you begin running – often disappears during the run
  • Worse pain after exercise
  • Next morning pain

The most usual sight of pain is at the distal 2/3 on the inside of the tibia or leg bone.

Causes of shin splints can be

  • Muscle weakness
  • Non supportive shoes
  • Foot and ankle posture and function
  • Overtraining – improper training
  • Hard surface running – only


Running through shin splints is not a good idea. Continuing to run with this type injury can lead to stress fractures developing. An ultrasound, MRI or bone scan can help diagnose the source of your leg pain.

Further causes for your leg pain can be muscle imbalances, partial tears of the leg muscles, leg length difference or compartment syndrome. There are also other causes such as vascular malformations – normally seen at the back of the knee with ultrasound.


Treatments – First Line


The first step in treatment is reducing your pain level. This is done by RICE


  • A 50-90% drop in activity levels
  • ICE – after training 10-15 min reduces inflammation and pain
  • Compression – ACE wraps can reduce pain and help you to heal the leg
  • Elevation – reducing inflammation can help the leg to heal


The podiatrist is happy to see you at any stage of your leg pain problem. The podiatrist can assess the function of your foot, ankle and lower limbs in walking and walking.


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