Lower limb pain treatment with Orthotics

Lower limb pain treatment with orthotics
Lower limb pain treatment with orthotics

Orthotics or orthoses fit into your shoes, supporting your foot which is very good at treating lower limb pain. An orthotic can either be a custom device (most people opt for these) or an off the shelf device. A custom device can last many years whilst an off the shelf will usually last about a year.

A custom orthotic is made by casting your feet in plaster. The casts are sent to an orthotic laboratory to be made off site.

Can anyone wear orthotics?

Yes providing you wear shoes. Some shoes will need a dress class orthotic, a smaller device. You can not wear an orthotic in a high heeled shoe.

Orthotics should  be comfortable and allow the wearer to be pain free. An orthotic can change the way your foot works and improve your gait and posture as well as improve performance.  Many patients who stand during their working hours report being much less tired and sore at the end of the day with orthotics. Orthotics have been shown to change not only your foot and ankle function, but also your knee and lower back alignment. Therefore, orthotics can treat foot, ankle, knee and lower back pain. An orthotic can be comfortable immediately although sometimes it can take up to a week to get thoroughly used to them.

How do orthotics work?

Orthotics work by changing the forces around your foot and ankle and subsequently your knees and hips. As well as giving your body more information about your alignment of your foot in the way of feedback, orthotics can directly influence the way muscles are working in the body.

How do we asssess you for orthotics?

You will need to have a gait analysis. This is a walking or running assessment were slow motion capture of your body is checked.