Online Consultation 

Online Comprehensive Appointment

Are you getting frustrated at having to wait to get an appointment for your foot pain?

Do you want to know what you have ?

Why you have it and how to relieve the pain? 

…………………………………… not sure who to ask for help?

Have you been reading up online and getting all sorts of advice about

how to get better ?

Unless your foot pain is classed as an emergency we can only see you for an online consultation.  

How we can help you:

  • Diagnose your problem from the history of your problem.
  • This can be supported by pictures that we can show you how to take
  • Discuss your current injury and how to improve on your current exercises
  • Discuss methods to reduce pain and increase healing
  • Plan your rehabilitation moving forward

The treatments that can’t be offered can be added to your treatment plan at a later date and only the difference in price between a normal consultation and the virtual consultation will be added.

The cost of your appointment is free until we reopen



TEL 02036022640 for more information on your appointment.