Foot pain rehabilitation

Foot pain rehabilitation
Foot pain rehabilitation
Foot Pain Rehabilitation
Foot and ankle pain more often than not needs time to get better.  This applies to  foot ankle, knee or hip pain. Soft tissue takes about six weeks to turn over in the body and therefore to get fully better six weeks may be the time to get fully back to normal. Having said that it really depends on how long you have had the problem and other complications that may be present.
Once we have a diagnosis of what your problem is, after an examination, we will go about putting together a treatment programme for you. Rehabilitation as mentioned before can take anything from a few weeks to a few months to get you better again. We may ask you to attend once or twice a week several weeks in a row or once every two weeks. This does depend on your presenting condition.
You will often be given treatment options so that you can choose the treatment that best suits you. Sometimes this could include foot mobilisations, shock wave therapy, exercise prescriptions, taping, orthotic therapy, activity and foot wear modification.
If you have heel pain or other type tendon pain of the foot or knee you can download our information leaflet on our most advanced treatment option here.
Otherwise you can read about foot and ankle manipulation treatments here.