Diabetic Feet

Diabetic feet need care above the average foot. Regular toe nail cutting and diabetic foot checks are important to keep your feet healthy. Lewisham Foot Health will check, treat and monitor your foot health to keep your feet healthy.

Diabetes can cause dry skin and poor circulation. You may also loose sensation in your feet if your blood sugar is not controlled well. Diabetic feet are much more prone to infection and other types of complications than non diabetic feet. Tissue integrity and health is reduced in the diabetic population – For this reason Peter Gauntlett at Lewisham Foot Health is committed to provide high quality diabetic foot care and advice for the diabetic population in Lewisham and surrounds.

Regular foot checks, daily application of emollient/ foot cream and wearing the right shoes outdoors, and slippers indoors are important for those of you with diabetes.   Your feet need to be protection to stay healthy. This means regular toe nail cutting and removal of callus and corns can help your feet stay healthy as well as comfortable! If you are going on holiday, always remember to wear something on your feet to avoid cuts and scratches. As these may not heal too well. Check the soles of your feet daily for lesions or cuts.  A small cut can easily become infected and difficult to treat.

Another important part of your overall health is maintaining a healthy diet. This is to ensure your blood sugar levels are within the limits your doctor has set for you. Increasingly we are now understanding that a healthy diet goes hand in hand with regular exercise.

Measuring your blood flow at the ankle with ultrasound and checking your sensation with a 10g monofilament. These are the basics of diabetic foot care that can be provided as a service with Lewisham Foot Health.






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