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Lower Limb Pain

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With diagnostic Ultrasound we can image your foot and ankle for soft or bone pathology. We can check if you have torn a tendon see if you have a fracture or have anything else untoward.

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Exercise Prescription

When your muscles become weaker during exercise your movements become less coordinated and you are more likely to get injured.

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Foot Manipulation

Foot pain can be very disabling. You may have had to stop running or even walking very far. Many people have had reduced function and pain for a few weeks, months or even years sometimes before they decide to do something about it.

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Heel Pain

Heel pain can be difficult to treat. In most cases heel pain is plantar fasciitis. This is a degenerative condition of the plantar fascia.

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Foot, leg and knee pain

Orthotics or orthoses fit into your shoes, supporting your foot which is very good at treating lower limb pain. An orthotic can either be a custom device (most people opt for these) or an off the shelf device. A custom device can last many years whilst an off the shelf will usually last about a year.

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Foot and ankle pain more often than not needs time to get better. This applies to foot ankle, knee or hip pain.

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Tape can be used to reduce pain, reduce swelling and to support the foot, ankle and knee. Tape can be worn all the time or just during your activities. Whether that is a walk in the park or six sets of tennis.

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