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Foot manipulation therapy and foot manipulation is a hands on treatment aimed restoring your foot and ankle’s springiness and flexibility! The treatment is a mixture of gentle movements with some more firm mobilisation applications. The treatment does not hurt, but occasionally instant change can be felt!  Most patients feel a change over time. The number of treatments depends on your feet, age etc. You may be given specific exercises to improve your strength and flexibility.

Pain in the foot and ankle can be a result of reduced flexibility in the joints. Restriction in just one joint in the foot can affect the entire chain of movement thereby creating a ‘knock on’ effect. The soft tissue of the foot and ankle can become reduced in springiness and its ability to absorb shock and its ability to conform to tensile stress (‘stretchiness’). Foot mobilisation works to regain some of the lost movement in the foot and ankle.

You may have pain due to overdoing your training, long bouts of standing, or just walking on hard surfaces such as pavements for years. Maybe you have just changed your training program and you sustained an injury or your getting pain from this. You may even have injured yourself 20 years ago and have a foot or ankle restriction that has never got quite back to the way it was.

The gentle foot and ankle mobilisations aim to restore your foot and ankle range of motion, allowing your lower limb improved function with no pain. Working through your range of motion of your foot and ankle we will find where the restrictions are. This in combination with specific movement tests you will be given a treatment plan to reduce pain and improve function.

I can see you in your home or in the clinic for these treatments. I treat all age groups. Please enquire for more information on

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