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Foot Mobilisation


Injury of  the foot and ankle can result in long term pain and reduced function. Foot and ankle injuries that aren’t rehabilitated properly are the ones most likely to become chronic. During your work up and assessment we will find the source of your pain. Movement and function tests are part of the work up. You may be offered an ultrasound scan for a more detailed understanding of your injury.

Single traumatic incident vs. Overuse injury

Your injury can be due to a single trauma or the result of overuse over time. Muscle weakness and or faulty foot function very often lead to joint restrictions. A single joint restriction in the foot or ankle can affect the entire movement chain.  Even if swelling and pain of the foot and ankle is what restricts movement in the acute stages, long term muscle inhibition and poorly rehabilitated scar tissue can lead to poor movement and chronic pain.

Foot mobilisation works to restore some of the reduced movement in the foot and ankle to get you back to enjoying your favourite activities again.

Your work or previous injury

You may be in a job where you have to stand for prolonged periods, or you’ve been running on hard surfaces such as pavements for years. Maybe you have just changed your training program and you sustained an injury or your getting pain from this. You may even have injured yourself twenty years ago and have a foot or ankle restriction that has never got quite back to the way it was.

Restoring movement and balance

Foot mobilisation therapy and foot manipulation are hands on treatments of the foot and ankle. Treatment is aimed at restoring your foot and ankles’ natural movement and flexibility. The treatment varies between gentle movements with some more firm mobilisation applications. Sometimes  you will experience instant change, and other times it takes a little longer to appreciate changes over time. More commonly you will need a few treatments to get the full benefit.  The number of treatments depends on the nature of your foot and ankle problem. You may be given specific exercises to improve your strength and flexibility.


The gentle mobilisations aim to restore your foot and ankle range of motion, allowing improved function with a reduced pain.

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