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Foot Problems

Chiropody - Lewisham Foot Health

Ingrown Nails

Sometimes our nails can become ingrown. These can become very painful and cause a lot of distress. The pain can be overwhelming and unrelenting. The toes contain many nerve endings and this is the reason they can get so sore.

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Corns Calluses

The main cause of calluses and corns is by poor fitting foot wear, but also your life style, foot type, skin type and health status will play a part in the development of hard painful areas of skin.

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Verrucas can be painful, unsightly and spread to others. Verrucas are caused by the human papilloma virus. This virus changes the skin texture in several ways. There are several treatments for verrucas and choosing one of them does depend on your circumstance, and the type and size of the lesion. We will discuss the treatment types and give you the best advice to suit your lifestyle and particular problem.

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