Sports Podiatry

Sports injuries

Sports injuries are sometimes due to over training, poor training technique, faulty technique and weaknesses that change posture and function during the course of training and competition. There may be a postural defect that can easily be changed. During a biomechanical consultation the aim is to identify how your gait and posture can be improved. Even small improvements can have a great impact on the course of your rehabilitation through changes in forces through your joints and muscles.

I treat both acute or overuse sports injuries. Many times an injury can affect the entire chain of movement from the foot through the knee to the lower back.  A biomechanical aims to identify this movements. Consultation includes a thorough history of the problem and your current symptoms. The examination will also include checking the function and symptoms of your lower limbs; from foot to hip.  Strength and flexibility testing will be part of the consultation. After this the way you walk will be examined. This is called gait analysis. A camera will capture your gait in slow motion so that problems can be identified and improved.

You will be given a treatment plan to target the weak areas and improve  your gait and posture.

The best course of action may be orthotics/arch supports, or possibly mobilisation and manipulation of the foot and ankle. You may also be issued with a set of stretches or strengthening exercises tailored to improve your posture and muscle function. I also use taping as well as activity modification and foot wear advice during course of your rehabilitation.

Warm up exercises and suggestions for intensity and volume can also be discussed to find a level appropriate for your rehabilitation.

Lewisham Foot Health will issue you with a treatment plan so that you can get back to your favourite sport as soon as possible – injury free.

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