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Podiatry service in Lewisham

Podiatry - Lewisham Foot Health

Podiatry services in Lewisham

Here at Lewisham Foot Health we offer a variety of Podiatry services and treatments which include the following:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Gait Analysis + Biomechanical Assessment
  • Orthotics – Arch Supports
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Foot & Ankle Mobilisation – Foot & Ankle Manipulation
  • Taping
  • Wound care

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Podiatry and Sports Podiatrist in Lewisham  – information on our services:

A Chiropodist/podiatrist has studied the foot and ankle and the lower limbs including the lower back.  If you book a podiatry appointment for an hour your entire lower limbs will be examined. This means the way you walk and the way your joints move will be studied.

Examining the way you walk is called a gait analysis. Your lower limb movements will be filmed and run in slow motion. This is to catch any problems that may be causing your pain.

You will have a thorough muscle and joint assessment. This examination includes your foot and ankle, your knees as well as your hips and lower back.

You will be explained the nature of your problem and how to solve this in the best possible way. The type of treatments can be stretches or strengthening to correct muscle imbalances; foot and ankle mobilisations to free up any restrictions you may have or taping and training advice and running and walking modification. You may be advised that orthotics or arch supports will help you in your recovery.

The most common problems we treat are bunions, heel pain, forefoot pain  knee pain and lower back pain. You will need to wear a pair of shorts or leggings and a t-shirt for the assessment. We look forward to seeing you at Lewisham Foot Health.

So if your looking for Podiatry  or Sports Podiatrist in Lewisham then get in touch today – 0203 602 2640 or tel 07828585604

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