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Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are a common occurrence. Most people who play sports will one time or another get a sports injury. There can be many factors involved in an injury. Some injuries are sudden and can be identified as one moment in time. A sprain; an impact fracture; a ligament tear. They are of an acute nature. Other injuries occur over time. They come on with insidious onset, starting off as a niggling discomfort that moves on to becoming a pain that affects your performance and enjoyment. We at Lewisham Foot Health aim to identify the factors that have caused your injury so that we can treat and rehabilitate you back to full strength.

Factors that come into play are:

  • overtraining
  • faulty biomechanics and poor movement economy
  • muscle imbalances or muscle weaknesses
  • tight muscle groups or joint restrictions
  • poor training methods
  • ¬†nutritional profile
  • lifestyle and stress levels
  • poor proprieception
  • low fitness levels
  • poor sleep

Lewisham Foot Health has diagnostic ultrasound scanning for foot and ankle injuries so we can quickly diagnose your problem. We can look at your gait and running mechanics, your general posture and function and your muscle imbalances.

We offer various treatments including shockwave therapy for tendon and muscle injuries, exercise rehabilitation programmes, gait retraining for running or walking, hands on mobilisation and joint manipulation and orthotic therapy. We can also offer advice on external support devices to keep you comfortable and injury free.

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