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Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine for treating injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limbs. With Sports medicine we aim to get you back to your pre injury state, or prevent injury in the first place. Prevention is of course better than the cure, but at Lewisham Foot Health we will provide a treatment program to reduce your pain and get your stronger and reduce the likelihood of your injury returning.

Sports injuries can be caused by many different factors. Peter Gauntlett MChS HCPC reg. Podiatrist will aim to find the factors involved in your sport injury, the structures that are injured, and treat and rehabilitate your lower limb injury back to full strength and health. We aim to reduce pain and improve function through a thorough musculoskeletal assessment  with or without gait analysis and ultrasound assessment.

Range of motion, area of pain, history of your injury and current status is all part of the assessment. In addition we can scan the site of injury to look at the structures that are painful. Often we may find that other structures are restricted in motion to help ‘splint’ the painful area.

Your treatment program can include stretches and strengthening exercises, foot and ankle mobilisation, shockwave therapy taping and orthotics – arch supports and foot wear advice. This will depend on your symptoms, lifestyle and choices of treatment plan. We will discuss this with you and find the best way for you to get better. A personalised treatment program can be tailored to fit in with your time.


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