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Verruca Treatments

verruca treatmentsVerrucas

Verrucas can be painful, unsightly and spread to others. These lesions are caused by the human papilloma virus. This virus changes the skin texture in several ways – sometimes there is a cauliflower appearance and other times the verruca looks a lot like a corn. There are quite a few treatments for verrucas and choosing one of them does depend on your lifestyle, your age, and the type and size of the lesion. We will discuss the treatment types and give you the best advice to suit your lifestyle and particular verruca.

Verruca Surgery

Needling is more often than not a ‘one off’ treatment. You will be given an anaesthetic to numb the area and a small needle is used to puncture the Verruca. This brings the body’s defence cells to the area, thereby ‘killing’ the verruca. It is more often than not successful with one treatment.  You will need a short check up appointment at one week and then you will be seen again three months later. Patients like this treatment as there are fewer treatment episodes. Very rarely is there any significant pain involved with this treatment. You can be back to work the next day. Normally you will need to keep your foot dry for two days afterwards.


This is freezing therapy. The verruca is frozen with a special icing unit. Patients say it feels like a small pinch or sting, but the sting is short lasting. Even if the area can be mildly tender for a day or two afterward you can go to work the next day. During your treatment period you will be seen every two weeks. The benefit is you can take the bandage off the next day and shower or bathe as usual (in comparison to Sal Acid treatment). You will normally need several treatments for resolution to take place.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a slow working but reliable treatment type. The medication is applied to your skin and masked with a felt pad. You will need to keep your feet dry for up to a week for your next appointment. A post operative foot ‘sock’ to keep your foot dry when you bath or shower during your treatment period is more reliable than simply taping a plastic bag to your leg. You should expect 4-8 treatments for larger Verruca.

Verrucae in Children

most verrucae in children resolve by themselves within 18 months. Unless they are painful or cause cosmetic disturbance, you may consider letting them take the tincture of time to get better by themselves.

However if they are painful or they are bothered by their appearance we are happy to see your child in the clinic. It is best to book a chiropody appointment first to see what type of treatment best suits yourself and your child.

Have questions or need more information?

If you have questions or need more information on treatments options for Verrucas please get in touch. To book an appointment, please use our online booking form.


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